Q: Who is CenterCard for?

A: CenterCard is perfect for U.S.-based businesses who are considering (or reconsidering) a corporate card program. CenterCard will be particularly helpful for businesses with employees who travel frequently, or who currently use some kind of expense management software. We believe it will be valuable to a wide range of business types, from startups and professional services to construction, manufacturing, education, and non-profits.

Q: When will CenterCard be available?

A: We are planning to have the program available in winter 2018. Be sure to sign up for the latest updates.

Q: How does CenterCard work?

A: CenterCard looks and works exactly like any other card in your wallet, but it displays available budget and allows employees to pre-categorize transactions right on the card. CenterCard works in conjunction with the CenterCard mobile app (available for iPhone and Android) and the CenterCard web dashboard. 

Q: Is CenterCard secure?

A: Yes. CenterCard, the mobile app, web dashboard and Center Cloud were designed from the ground up for e-Commerce security. The EMV chip in the card passed a rigorous security audit by EMVCo. Communication over Bluetooth is secured by PKI (public key infrastructure).  To keep your data private, all communication between the mobile app and Cloud flows over an encrypted connection. Center does not store your credit card number in its Cloud. 

Q: How do I keep my CenterCard charged?

A: Every CenterCard includes a USB charger which can charge easily from your laptop or other device. It charges fully in about 2 hours and holds its charge for up to 7 days. 

Q: What if my CenterCard runs out of battery, and I need to use it?

A: You can still use your CenterCard just like any other card in your wallet; it just will not be able to display the available budget and pre-categorize transactions. It will sync and update automatically once it is fully charged.

Q: What if I try to spend more than the available budget?

A: Your transaction will likely be declined, just as it would be if you exceeded your available limit on a payment card. (The good news is that you can always view your available budget right on the card. And if you need additional funds, you can quickly request it and secure approval prior to spending.)

Q: How much will CenterCard cost?

A: We have not yet finalized pricing, but we expect to be able to offer our innovative connected cards, with the CenterCard mobile app and CenterCard web dashboard, for about the same price as the annual fee for typical corporate card programs.

Q: Is CenterCard available outside of the U.S.?

A: CenterCard will be available only in the U.S. initially.

Q: When and where was Center founded?

A: Center was founded by Steve Singh, Naveen Singh and Nik Singh in 2014 in Bellevue, Washington, followed soon after by the opening of our office in Kitchener, Ontario. Today, our product management, app development, cloud engineering, marketing, and operations run out of our Bellevue office, while all of our hardware engineering is based in Kitchener. 

Q: How big is your company?

A: We have a great team of 35 employees, with deep expertise in payments, hardware, cloud computing, travel & expense management, and supply chain & operations. We are also hiring!

Q: What’s the difference between Center ID, Center and CenterCard?

A: Center ID is the official company name. We are doing business as Center, and CenterCard is our first product.

Q: What’s the relationship between Center and Concur?

A: Center’s Executive Chairman, Steve Singh, co-founded Concur and served as CEO of Concur and President of Business Networks and Applications of SAP, who acquired Concur in 2014. The two companies are separate entities.

Q: Haven’t other companies tried to do this already?

A: No company with the unique combination of expertise in hardware, software, cloud computing, and payments has tried to do this. We are confident in our ability to deliver the world’s first corporate card with an integrated budget and digital display by summer 2017.

Q: How do I share my idea for making CenterCard better?

A: We’d love to hear your feedback! Just drop us a line at hello@centerID.com