Plan, Manage, and Spend Strategically

  CenterCard helps your business achieve more by linking your budget to your strategy and spending. Here’s how you can put the plan-manage-spend cycle to work for your team.

Start with the Right Plan in Place


Plan: With the CenterCard mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android) and CenterCard web dashboard, everybody in your organization can be on the same page about the plan. 

CenterCard dashboard phone card

Drive budget visibility across the organization for better, more transparent spend decisions.


Align CenterCard’s software to your existing budget & cost center structure.


Forecast card-based spending and reserve funds  for the upcoming month or quarter.

Centercard Edit Budgets Mobile App


Adjust to Changing Business Needs


Manage: CenterCard offers a more complete view of total spending to support strategic decision-making and makes it easy to align your spending to your priorities—monthly, weekly, or even daily. 

  • View real-time current and committed spending against budget by department, client, project, or employee, for any time period.  
  • Quickly make across-the-board adjustments, or shift funds from one area to another to meet budget targets or manage cash flow.
  • Easily add or remove members as your team grows and changes.

Empower Employees with an Intelligent, Connected Card


Spend: When employees have the information they need, right when they need it, they can make the right decisions with confidence -- and accelerate your expense process at the same time.

Centercard Request Approval Mobile App

Manage Department Spending

Managers can quickly review and approve spend requests from the mobile app or web dashboard, and view detailed transaction information as needed to ensure compliance with spending policies.

Centercard Approval Notification Mobile App

Communicate Budget Information Across the Organization

Updates to available budget and funds are reflected immediately across all connected devices, including the card itself.


Intelligent Spending in a Familiar, Secure Format

CenterCard's integrated digital display illuminates available budget and pre-categorizes every transaction, right at the point of purchase. Works everywhere traditional plastic cards work.

CenterCard with digital display

CenterCard sends enhanced transaction data to expense tools for even more automated expense reporting, saving time for everyone in the organization. Spend data informs planning for upcoming fiscal periods, which effectively closes the loop for a smarter plan-manage-spend process.

Better Together

CenterCard, the CenterCard Mobile App, and the CenterCard Web Dashboard all work together to help your organization achieve more.

  • CenterCard


    Combines the simplicity and familiarity of physical cards with the security and flexibility of virtual cards.

    CenterCards are recommended for employees who travel or make frequent purchases, and are available for an annual subscription fee.

  • Mobile App

    CenterCard Mobile App

    Ensures that everyone, at every level, can view real-time budget and spend information, wherever they are.

    The CenterCard Mobile App for iPhone and Android is available to everyone in your organization with your CenterCard subscription.

  • Web Dashboard

    CenterCard Web Dashboard

    Provides the big-picture view of total spending across departments and projects and helps you align spending to strategic priorities.

    The CenterCard Web Dashboard is available to everyone in your organization with your CenterCard subscription.

  • Center Cloud

    Center Cloud

    Keeps all transaction data secure and delivers immediate updates across all devices, with no software to install.

    Center Cloud is the platform that powers CenterCard, the mobile app and dashboard behind the scenes.