About Us

About Us

We see spending differently.

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Our Story

Consumer electronics. Cloud computing. Payments. Expense management. Our team members come from industry-leading companies across the world, bringing with them deep expertise in everything from product design and engineering to supply chain management, from cloud and mobile software to firmware, and from large-scale IT organizations to customer service operations.
Over the years, no matter what company we’ve worked at, we’ve all experienced the fundamental disconnect between budget and spending. We’ve struggled to reconcile spreadsheets and statements. We have asked, and been asked, “How are we doing this quarter?” And we’ve always felt that it should be far easier to answer that question.
So we decided to bring our skills and experiences together to create Center, focusing first of all on connecting budgets to spend for discretionary expenses. We believe the time is right for a completely new kind of corporate card program. The idea of turning the ordinary company budget into a strategic tool that helps businesses of all sizes energizes us, and we are excited by what’s possible when you bring hardware and software together in a truly transformational way. Our team thrives on the idea that together, we can all achieve more.

Our Team

We have brought some of the best minds in payments, hardware, cloud computing, travel & expense management, and supply chain & operations together to build Center. This extraordinary diversity of backgrounds and talents helps us create something that’s truly bigger than the sum of its parts. Here are Center’s leaders, who set the strategy for our talented, focused teams.

It takes a great team to make business spending as strategic, connected, and intelligent as possible! Our skilled hardware engineers work out of our Kitchener, Ontario office, and our product management, app development, cloud engineering, marketing, and operations teams are based in Bellevue, Washington. 

Join Us

Our team is passionate about building transformative products and elegant user experiences across platforms. We believe that each team member makes a critical and unique contribution, and that great collaboration and communication help us all achieve more. Join us in our mission to help businesses connect budget to strategy and spending. 

We are currently hiring in Bellevue, Washington and Kitchener, Ontario. If you are interested in what we're doing, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at jobs@centerID.com.



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